Scrub Uniforms And The Professions Who Use Them

  Scrubs are pants and shirts that were originally designed for surgeons.   The scrubs are simple in design, so dirt can't hide.   The design usually includes a half-sleeved top and drawstring or elastic trousers. Sometimes, a cap is included.   These scrubs are easy to wash and affordable to replace if necessary.   Scrubs were initially intended for surgeons, but they have become the uniform of choice for many in the hospital and health care industry. There are many colors available for scrub uniforms.   To distinguish between departments, many hospitals use scrub colors.   Nursing Scrubs For Sale   Most scrubs used for surgery are a light shade of green or blue, while hospital scrubs worn by pediatrics professionals feature cartoon characters and holiday prints.   Scrubs are less common in other countries than the United States and Canada. Scrub uniforms are most often used by nurses and doctors.   They are worn in hospitals, retirement homes and physical therapy clinics. N